Motorsport Australia Stewards,
As you would be well aware, the Motorsport Australia brand officially came into effect on 1 January 2020. Since then, we have continued to roll out new staff and volunteer uniforms across the entire country. In recent weeks, Motorsport Australia has reviewed the uniform implementation schedule and we can now confirm that we will take the following actions to support National Appointed Officials and Stewards through the uniform transition:
  • The original deadline date of 31 March as the last day CAMS branded uniform can be worn will now be extended to 30 June, 2020 with regular observation and review
  • National Appointed Officials and Stewards will have the opportunity to purchase relevant merchandise (this does not extend to official Motorsport Australia staff uniform) at a reduced cost

Please note that only the National Appointed Officials and Stewards are required to wear the Motorsport Australia uniform. Motorsport Australia have not, and will not require anyone to purchase uniform. It is an option available to officials. All stewards are supplied a name badge and are free to wear their own attire to events. We have received feedback about the use of patches, however to ensure consistency of application and quality of presentation, this is not a suitable option.
One of our core values at Motorsport Australia is respect and we can assure everyone that we are forever grateful for the contribution of all volunteers, including the unwavering commitment of our Stewards and Officials. We hope that the above actions address the concerns you have raised.
Motorsport Australia Management